Each year, The FDOT Source Book provides a comprehensive overview of the mobility performance of our state’s transportation system. The Source Book measures system performance – the ability of people and goods to move across and through our state – and analyzes the external factors that affect travel demand like population, tourism, and the overall economy.

FDOTSourceBook.com is the online home of The FDOT Source Book. All of the measures and external factors included in The FDOT Source Book are available online with greater detail. For most performance measures, the user can select one or more geographical areas to view results for measures at the state, district, or county level. In addition, for auto and freight measures, performance measures are mapped down to individual roadway segments using the segment-level visualization feature.

FDOTSourceBook.com also includes performance measures on safety, infrastructure, and project accountability.

Use the menu in the bottom left corner to navigate through the different sections of the Digital Source Book.