Bridge Condition

FDOT’s core bridge measure is the percent of bridges on the SHS meeting FDOT standards. The target is to have at least 90% of bridges maintained by the Department achieve a National Bridge Inventory (NBI) rating of 6 or higher.

The NBI is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirement for evaluating bridge conditions, based on a 0 to 9 scale with 0 indicating a failed condition and 9 indicating an excellent condition. An NBI rating of 6 or 7 means a bridge is in good condition.

In FY 19/20, 94.6% of all FDOT-maintained bridges met the standard (i.e., an NBI rating of 6 or higher), which substantially exceeds the Department’s 90% target (F.S 334.046(4)). This means most of FDOT-maintained bridges do not show evidence of structural deterioration nor are they weight restricted.

The Department takes a proactive approach to bridge maintenance, which has proven to be cost-effective. Preventative maintenance and repairs are performed so that bridges will not deteriorate and require greater repair costs. This helps to ensure that FDOT-maintained bridges meet or exceed their life expectancy, resulting in a lower frequency of replacements.

Bridge Condition on Florida’s SHS


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