% Miles Heavily Congested

This measure is determined by summing the centerline miles of roadway under heavily congested conditions and then dividing by the total system centerline miles.

The percentage of miles heavily congested increased from 5.1% to 5.3% during peak hour on Florida’s SHS from 2018 to 2019. This measure's increase shows heavy congestion affected longer stretches of roadway, while the decreased percentage of travel heavily congested indicates a smaller percentage of vehicles were affected.


Methodology: % Miles Heavily Congested

The percent of miles heavily congested for all vehicles and for combination trucks is determined by summing the miles of roadway operating at defined LOS thresholds in the peak hour/peak period and then dividing it by the total system miles.


`(Σ ("Segment Length during Peak Performance at defined LOS thresholds"))/(Σ " Segment Length") ×100`

Reporting Periods

  • Peak Hour
  • Peak Period
  • Daily
  • Yearly


FDOT - Traffic Characteristics Inventory
FDOT - Roadway Characteristics Inventory
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