Freight Average Speed

Freight average travel speed measures the speed at which combination trucks travel a section of the roadway during a specific time period. The combination truck average travel speed in 2019 was 53.2 mph statewide, 2.9% lower than 2018's 54.8 mph. Arterials showed the greatest decrease in average speed from 2018 by 1.8 mph with a decrease of 5.6%.


Methodology: Freight Average Speed

The combination truck travel speed was estimated assuming that the free flow speed for automobiles was set as the posted speed limit plus 5 mph, and the free flow speed for combination trucks was the posted speed limit.


`(Σ ("CTMT" × "Combination Truck Average Travel Speed"))/(Σ " CTMT")`

Reporting Periods

  • Peak Hour
  • Peak Period
  • Daily
  • Yearly


FDOT - Traffic Characteristics Inventory
FDOT - Roadway Characteristics Inventory
Here Technologies - Travel Time Data