Maintenance Condition

The Department is mandated by statue, F.S. 334.046(4), to ensure that 100% of the acceptable maintenance standard on the SHS is achieved. The Department's maintenance rating standard is 80 and was derived over time from the use of output measures and engineering input to evaluate the performance of the transportation system.

To determine the maintenance rating, field conditions are evaluated by rating each highway component to develop an overall maintenance condition score. Conditions are compared to FDOT standards and a composite state score is set. The maintenance condition rating system evaluates five highway components:

  • Roadway – potholes, pavement joints, paved shoulders, and pavement distress
  • Roadside – unpaved shoulders, slopes, sidewalks, and fences
  • Traffic services – signs, lighting, guardrails, striping, attenuators, handrail, and pavement markers
  • Drainage – storm drains, ditches, roadway sweeping, inlets, and pavement edge drain outlets
  • Vegetation/aesthetics – landscaping, litter removal, turf condition, and tree trimming

In FY 19/20, FDOT achieved more than 103.8% of maintenance standards with a Maintenance Rating Program score of 83. FDOT consistently exceeds its roadway maintenance standard year after year, preserving roads at an optimal level for driver safety, mobility, and comfort.

Maintenance Condition on Florida’s SHS


FDOT Office of Maintenance