Pavement Condition

FDOT has primary jurisdiction over the State Highway System (SHS) which carries over half of all traffic within Florida. This system includes major roads such as interstates and highways with U.S. or state road numbers.

Resurfacing needs are identified through FDOT’s annual pavement condition survey. This survey evaluates pavement conditions in terms of ride quality, crack severity, and average depth of wheel-path ruts.

  • “Ride quality” is what the motorist experiences (i.e., smoothness of the ride).
  • Crack severity or “cracking” refers to the deterioration of the pavement, which leads to loss of smoothness and ultimately, deterioration of the road base by water seepage if not corrected.
  • Wheel-path ruts or “rutting” are pavement depressions caused mainly by heavy use. These depressions or ruts can collect water, creating potential safety hazards.

In FY 19/20, Florida’s SHS was in excellent condition, with 87.5% exceeding FDOT standards (F.S. 334.046(4)). This trend is expected to remain above the 80% target, as it has throughout the last decade.

Pavement Condition on Florida’s SHS


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